3 Secrets Of Using YouTube 

Like Facebook members, Youtube users also share important information about themselves. This will be very useful for laser-targeting prospects.

Also, Youtube allows you to post advertisements in the form of video files.

This is a good way attract people that are likely to be interested in whatever service or product that you offer.

1 Use appropriate tags so interested members will easily find your videos 

Another interesting method is to set up a Youtube account and post videos that will be related to your website’s subject topic. However, you have to make sure that your targeted prospects will easily find your videos.

How do you do this? You do this by using appropriate tags. What are tags?

When you upload a video, Youtube will ask you to add tags (single word keywords) to your video. This will help users find your video easier.

So if your video is about “Christmas Decoration” for example, possible single-word tags may include the following: Christmas, xmas, x-mas, decoration, decorations, bauble, baubles, lights, gifts, nativity, etc. With this, people who are looking forwhatever service that you offer, your target prospects, will easily find your videos.

2 Use Youtube’s viewer demography tools

Youtube lets you see who are watching your video and where they are from. Of course, you will not be able to tell specific people.

However, Youtube will let you know the general demography of your viewers and which demography you are getting more viewers from.
Demography includes age group, country of origin, gender, etc.).

How is this helpful? For one, you will be able to tell which group of people is more interested in your services.

This way, you will be able to update your list of laser-targeted prospects.

Let us say for example that you originally planned to sell your products to Japan only thinking that it would sell better there.

But Youtube’s graphs show that you are actually getting a lot of interest from viewers from China. If you, you might to think about arranging deliveries to China as well.

3 Make sure title and description are of relevance Make sure title and description are of relevance

When Google searches the web for relevant contents, your Youtube video will rank high if the Title and Description contains keywords related to the search query.

Say for example that a user uses the search query “Christmas Decoration”, your video will rank high if its title included the exact same keyword (e.g. “Tips for buying Christmas Decorations”) and if the description also included the same keyword (e.g. “This is a video that will help you find the best Christmas Decorations”).