Success with micro videos…

If you’ve never used video as a promotional method for your business, you’re missing out on an excellent way to boost awareness and profits. Videos are a great message vehicle for any type of business. While information on the internet will always be associated with the text, online marketing has grown to a point where videos are almost expected from consumers which makes it a practical, and a profitable, marketing option. Continue reading “Success with micro videos…”

Tracking Your YouTube Advert Results

As with any type of advertising, free or paid, it’s vital to track your results so you can tell how well your ads are performing and whether your ads are profitable.

It’s actually a little tricky to get to your tracking. It’s not shown to you by default, which is really rather shameful on their part. Fortunately, it’s easy to add tracking to your display.

First, go to “Campaigns”. Click on “Columns”. Then you can choose additional options that will show up on your dashboard, including tracking things such as:

Cost per view

Website clicks


Cost per conversions

View rate

And other options

This will give you a lot more information about your campaign, so you can see how well your ads are truly performing and whether they are profitable.

Choosing the Best Ad Format

There is no “one best” ad format that will work perfectly for every single advertiser. If there was, there would be no reason for Google to even have multiple YouTube ad formats.

The most effective ad type in general is probably the In-Stream type, however this may not always be the case. It does typically have the lowest price and the highest return, however because it can so easily be skipped, you may find you have trouble getting a lot of completed views.

It’s true that you don’t have to pay for views until they’ve reached 30 seconds or the completed ad, whichever comes first, but if very few people watch that far, your ad won’t be effective.

The best way to choose the best ad format for you is to carefully test and track your results. Be sure you have a way to track exactly where all of your clicks came from and whether those clicks converted into leads or sales. Ultimately, this is the best way to choose which ad format is right for your business.

Otherwise, you’ll just be flying blind, and you’ll have to guess which format is working best.

Making Videos With Your Camcorder

If you have a digital or analog camcorder, then you probably already know how to use it. It is easier to post videos to YouTube if you use a digital camcorder. All you have to do is shoot your video, download it, and upload it to YouTube.

If you use an analog video recorder, like the kind that uses older VHS tapes to record videos, you will probably have to use a converter box to create a digital copy of your video, which you can then upload to YouTube.

Once you upload your video, it’s time to improve on it. Sure, you can leave it as is, but remember, if you take even a small amount of time graphically strengthening your video you are likely to attract a larger audience. So, here’s what you do.

First, make sure you have access to some video editing software. You can acquire this inexpensively on the Web. One of the more common tools people use is Windows MovieMaker.

Once you have the right software, upload your video to the application. Once you do this you can edit your video all you want. Try saving multiple versions of it and testing it with users to see which they like best.

Now it’s time to make your video stand out. Add special effects, like interesting color schemes or fade in. Try adding titles or even chapters to your video. Put some music in the background. All of these small additions will encourage more people to look at and review your video.

If you are not sure what makes a good video, go to and check out their “featured videos” section. Find out what makes these videos stand out. Is the content outrageous? Does the author use multiple special effects? Are subtitles or category titles included? Take some notes about what you like and what you don’t. This will help you when you brainstorm ideas for improving your personal video.

How To Take Your Videos To The Next Level

Optimizing your videos is essential if you want to stand out in the crowd.

You don’t have to have fancy technology to make a great video.

Use the tips below to learn how anyone can create compelling and interesting videos for their YouTube audience.

Remember, YouTube provides even novices the ability to create videos and upload them as simply as possible.

Features of a Good Video

Your video has seconds to make a good impression. So, you want to make the best impression you possibly can, right? How do you do that? There are many features “good” vs. “bad” videos have. Consider the last time you watched a movie preview? Was it intriguing? Did it get you asking questions? Did you want to see more? When you create your online videos for YouTube, you should be thinking along these lines. Pretend you are creating a movie preview.

Here are 6 pointers to help…

1 – Get your message out.

2 – Make a point.

3 – Entice visitors to come back for more.

4 – Provide clear shots and well-recorded audio.

5 – Keep it short and sweet.

6 – Graphically improve your video to keep the viewer intrigued.

Remember, ten minutes is not much time. You want to record a sharp video, one that is dynamic, unusual and anything but ordinary. Some of the most popular videos on YouTube are popular if for not other reason than the creator did something unique, different and interesting.

Think you can’t come up with something creative for your video? Think again.

Here is a simple activity to try to help you start your journey. Take out a piece of paper. You are going to brainstorm. First, list the top 10 idea you have for making a great video.

Next to each idea, write down what makes that idea appealing. If you can’t come up with at least five reasons the idea is compelling, scratch it off your list.

Narrow your list to your top five choices.

Now, try to define how you will present the information in your video to highlight your video in a unique and unusual way. Will you dress funny? Will you record atop the highest mountain? Will you include a popular sound track?

Whatever you decide, make sure you try something unique. People have every opportunity to watch something boring on television.


They turn to to find interesting and intriguing things to view. Even if you are trying to brand and promote your sites, you must be careful to make sure you do so in an interesting and creative way. No one wants to watch an infomercial on YouTube. So find a fun way to get your message out.

Work on your quality…

Don’t Let Poor Video Quality To Let You Down..

The quality of your videos isn’t just about the resolution, light quality, sound quality, etc. It’s about a lot more than that. It’s about the overall presentation. It’s about the entertainment or educational value. It’s about the production.

You must strive to create the best possible videos in every way.

Here are some tips for making the best, most effective videos possible:

Stick to a reasonable length. One major mistake people make is making videos that are either too short to be useful, or so long they become boring. If people leave before the end, they won’t receive your full marketing message!

Include sound. A lot of people don’t include sound because they don’t like their voice. If you are one of those people, hire a voiceover artist. There are people who will do short voiceover work for $5 on! If you don’t want to include a voiceover, at least add interesting music. And be sure to use music your audience is likely to enjoy. Don’t use heavy metal or rap for an older audience, for example.

Use good lighting. A lot of decent videos are absolutely ruined by having lighting that is too dark, too bright, or coming from the wrong angle. Make sure your video is well lit.

Have a script before you start. You don’t necessarily have to stick to it 100%, but you should have a solid idea for exactly what you want to say before you get started so there isn’t a lot of dead air while you “umm” and “uhh” your way through.

Cater to your audience. Don’t just create generic videos you think the majority of YouTube will enjoy. Create videos that will appeal to your specific audience. (For example, don’t create comical videos for a serious audience and vice versa.)

Don’t forget to tag your videos. Tagging is an important way to help visitors find your video, so don’t forget this important step!

Remind people to like and comment. YouTube gives more weight in the search results to videos that get more likes and comments, so tell people to do this!

Ultimately, just be sure to create videos your audience is likely to respond to. Look at other popular videos in your genre to see what is working. If they have a lot of views and likes, chances are the audience is responding well to them and you can emulate them.

Get your metrics right…

The lesson here is ‘Don’t Ignore Other Metrics’…

The main metric most marketers use to determine their success is, of course, total views of their videos. While this is certainly one useful metric, it is far from the only one you should be looking at.

You should also be considering other metrics, such as:

The number of people who like your video vs. those who dislike it

The number of people who like your video as a percentage of views

The number of people who add your video to their favorites

The number of people who share your video on social media

The number of people who follow your call to action

The number of people who comment on your video

The actual traffic you receive to your website

The number of sales you receive as a result of your videos

Remember, getting a large number of views to your videos may boost your ego, but it won’t boost your income. And ultimately, your goal for your YouTube marketing should be boosting your income above all else.

Be sure to look at the big picture. So what if your video only gets 3,000 views in its first year if it brings 1,500 visitors to your website and 300 of those people buy something? That’s better than getting 500,000 views and only 20 sales, right?

Big Mistake – Making Commercials

Creating Commercials is a big YouTube blunder…

Most people go to YouTube for one of two reasons:

To be entertained

To learn something

There aren’t many other reasons people go there. (Unless of course they’re uploading their own videos or checking their messages and such.)

Have you ever gone to YouTube specifically to watch a commercial? Maybe. But chances are, if you have, it was because that commercial was either (a) entertaining or (b) educational. You didn’t go watch it to let it sell you something.

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking they can create a commercial and it will sell their product on YouTube. The trouble with this thinking is that people don’t go to YouTube to be sold to. They aren’t going to watch your commercial. There’s no incentive for them to.

That’s not to say you can’t create a commercial for your product. It’s not even to say you can’t upload that commercial to YouTube. But you shouldn’t expect that commercial to do the heavy lifting of YouTube marketing for you.

Instead, create videos that are entertaining or educational. (Whichever format best fits your product or service.) Then you can link to your website, and your website can then host the commercial.

Think of it this way. People don’t generally watch television to see the commercials. They watch TV to be entertained or to learn something, right?

But there are commercials that may interest them and get them to purchase something.

So think of most of the videos you upload as your main content – your TV show, so to speak. And your “commercial” is there to sell someone on your product once you get them viewing your main content. Just link to your website and offer its URL within the video.

Don’t make this big YouTube Blunder….

Are You Expecting Miracles?

One major mistake people make when deciding to use YouTube for marketing purposes is starting out with unrealistic expectations. In other words, one expects YouTube to be some miracle traffic generator, and that all one has to do is upload a video and they’ll receive thousands of views overnight.

After all, YouTube receives insane numbers of views, so it just goes to follow that your video will get a ton of traffic, right?


This mentality is the kiss of death for YouTube marketers. Seriously.

Yes, YouTube gets a lot of traffic. It may not get as much as it used to, but it still gets a massive number of daily visitors. It’s still in the top 10 of social media sites. It’s still a powerhouse.

However, it’s not enough to put up a bunch of generic videos and hope for a miracle. YouTube doesn’t work that way. The YouTube community has come to expect a few things from the videos uploaded there, and they aren’t likely to accept anything less.

Keep your expectations reasonable. You’re not likely to get a million views overnight, even if your video is interesting or useful. It will take a while to gain momentum, even if your video eventually goes viral.

As long as you create good content, people will eventually see it. Just don’t expect miracles.

Reasonably, you can expect to get anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand views the first few weeks on a good video if you’ve properly tagged it and you send a little traffic to it yourself to get it started.