Success with micro videos…

If you’ve never used video as a promotional method for your business, you’re missing out on an excellent way to boost awareness and profits. Videos are a great message vehicle for any type of business. While information on the internet will always be associated with the text, online marketing has grown to a point where videos are almost expected from consumers which makes it a practical, and a profitable, marketing option. Continue reading “Success with micro videos…”

Making Videos With Your Camcorder

If you have a digital or analog camcorder, then you probably already know how to use it. It is easier to post videos to YouTube if you use a digital camcorder. All you have to do is shoot your video, download it, and upload it to YouTube.

If you use an analog video recorder, like the kind that uses older VHS tapes to record videos, you will probably have to use a converter box to create a digital copy of your video, which you can then upload to YouTube.

Once you upload your video, it’s time to improve on it. Sure, you can leave it as is, but remember, if you take even a small amount of time graphically strengthening your video you are likely to attract a larger audience. So, here’s what you do.

First, make sure you have access to some video editing software. You can acquire this inexpensively on the Web. One of the more common tools people use is Windows MovieMaker.

Once you have the right software, upload your video to the application. Once you do this you can edit your video all you want. Try saving multiple versions of it and testing it with users to see which they like best.

Now it’s time to make your video stand out. Add special effects, like interesting color schemes or fade in. Try adding titles or even chapters to your video. Put some music in the background. All of these small additions will encourage more people to look at and review your video.

If you are not sure what makes a good video, go to and check out their “featured videos” section. Find out what makes these videos stand out. Is the content outrageous? Does the author use multiple special effects? Are subtitles or category titles included? Take some notes about what you like and what you don’t. This will help you when you brainstorm ideas for improving your personal video.

How To Take Your Videos To The Next Level

Optimizing your videos is essential if you want to stand out in the crowd.

You don’t have to have fancy technology to make a great video.

Use the tips below to learn how anyone can create compelling and interesting videos for their YouTube audience.

Remember, YouTube provides even novices the ability to create videos and upload them as simply as possible.

Features of a Good Video

Your video has seconds to make a good impression. So, you want to make the best impression you possibly can, right? How do you do that? There are many features “good” vs. “bad” videos have. Consider the last time you watched a movie preview? Was it intriguing? Did it get you asking questions? Did you want to see more? When you create your online videos for YouTube, you should be thinking along these lines. Pretend you are creating a movie preview.

Here are 6 pointers to help…

1 – Get your message out.

2 – Make a point.

3 – Entice visitors to come back for more.

4 – Provide clear shots and well-recorded audio.

5 – Keep it short and sweet.

6 – Graphically improve your video to keep the viewer intrigued.

Remember, ten minutes is not much time. You want to record a sharp video, one that is dynamic, unusual and anything but ordinary. Some of the most popular videos on YouTube are popular if for not other reason than the creator did something unique, different and interesting.

Think you can’t come up with something creative for your video? Think again.

Here is a simple activity to try to help you start your journey. Take out a piece of paper. You are going to brainstorm. First, list the top 10 idea you have for making a great video.

Next to each idea, write down what makes that idea appealing. If you can’t come up with at least five reasons the idea is compelling, scratch it off your list.

Narrow your list to your top five choices.

Now, try to define how you will present the information in your video to highlight your video in a unique and unusual way. Will you dress funny? Will you record atop the highest mountain? Will you include a popular sound track?

Whatever you decide, make sure you try something unique. People have every opportunity to watch something boring on television.


They turn to to find interesting and intriguing things to view. Even if you are trying to brand and promote your sites, you must be careful to make sure you do so in an interesting and creative way. No one wants to watch an infomercial on YouTube. So find a fun way to get your message out.

Work on your quality…

Don’t Let Poor Video Quality To Let You Down..

The quality of your videos isn’t just about the resolution, light quality, sound quality, etc. It’s about a lot more than that. It’s about the overall presentation. It’s about the entertainment or educational value. It’s about the production.

You must strive to create the best possible videos in every way.

Here are some tips for making the best, most effective videos possible:

Stick to a reasonable length. One major mistake people make is making videos that are either too short to be useful, or so long they become boring. If people leave before the end, they won’t receive your full marketing message!

Include sound. A lot of people don’t include sound because they don’t like their voice. If you are one of those people, hire a voiceover artist. There are people who will do short voiceover work for $5 on! If you don’t want to include a voiceover, at least add interesting music. And be sure to use music your audience is likely to enjoy. Don’t use heavy metal or rap for an older audience, for example.

Use good lighting. A lot of decent videos are absolutely ruined by having lighting that is too dark, too bright, or coming from the wrong angle. Make sure your video is well lit.

Have a script before you start. You don’t necessarily have to stick to it 100%, but you should have a solid idea for exactly what you want to say before you get started so there isn’t a lot of dead air while you “umm” and “uhh” your way through.

Cater to your audience. Don’t just create generic videos you think the majority of YouTube will enjoy. Create videos that will appeal to your specific audience. (For example, don’t create comical videos for a serious audience and vice versa.)

Don’t forget to tag your videos. Tagging is an important way to help visitors find your video, so don’t forget this important step!

Remind people to like and comment. YouTube gives more weight in the search results to videos that get more likes and comments, so tell people to do this!

Ultimately, just be sure to create videos your audience is likely to respond to. Look at other popular videos in your genre to see what is working. If they have a lot of views and likes, chances are the audience is responding well to them and you can emulate them.

Some great resources for your next production….

You’ll want to include some resources to give your movies that extra sparkle. You could just use standard text on solid backgrounds, but the use of things like stock photos, video clips, clipart, voiceovers and music adds depth and interest to your videos.

Stock Photos and Videos

Never, ever grab images or videos from the web and use them in your videos. This is copyright infringement, and could lead to some major legal troubles. It’s not even a good idea to get images from “public domain” image collections, because there is no way to verify with 100% certainty that those images were uploaded by the legitimate copyright holder.

Instead, you must purchase your images and videos from a reputable stock photo agency. There are hundreds of stock photo sites, perhaps thousands if you count the smaller sites that sell images from only one photographer.

Some good resources for stock photos and video clips include….





You’ll find that most of these sites has the same basic collection of photos, however ShutterStock and iStockPhoto generally have the widest selection.

Additionally, iStockPhoto offers photographers a bonus for exclusivity, so you may be able to find images there that won’t be found anywhere else. Just keep in mind that because iStockPhoto must pay a bonus to photographers for exclusivity, those exclusive photos will be more expensive than the rest of their collection.

Stock Graphics

Photos and video clips aren’t the only thing you can use to jazz up your videos. Stock graphics are also useful, especially things such as icons and cartoon mascots that can be used to draw attention.

Some good places to locate graphics include…

Graphic River





Perhaps the best place to get inexpensive voiceovers for your videos is through Fiverr. For as little as $5, you can get someone with a great voice to read your script, and then you can take the audio file they deliver and add it to your video.


Just like you should never steal images or videos, you should never steal music for use in your videos. You can’t just use your favorite song without permission.

Someone owns the copyright to it. Even if they’ve passed away, someone still owns the copyright. Want to use an Elvis song in your video? You’d better contact Robert Sillerman, the man who bought the rights to Elvis’ music from Elvis’ daughter, Lisa Marie.

Of course, there are stock agencies that sell royalty free music, too. These songs are relatively inexpensive, and they come in a wide variety of genres and styles, so you can almost certainly find the right one for your project.

Some places to locate music include…





The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley’s Island of Dr Moreau

For anyone who has any interest in movies, a 2014 documentary ‘Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley’s Island of Dr Moreau’ makes compulsive viewing.  Directed by David Gregory, the doc explores the making of the 1996 film ‘The Island of Dr Moreau’.

The story is long, with many twists, but goes something like this…

In 1896 H.G.Wells wrote a science fiction novel ‘The Island of Dr Moreau’ in which a shipwrecked man, Edward Prendick, discovers an island where an English physiologist, has retired to perform gruesome experiments in vivisection on jungle animals. Prendick discovers Moreau is experimenting on humans. Believing he may be Moreau’s next victim, Prendick flees into the jungle where he lives amongst the Beast Folk, half animal and half human creatures whom Dr Moreau has experimented on.

Moreau tracks down and confronts Prendick and explains the Beast Folk are animals who he has tried to transform into humans. Moreau is striving to create a human from an animal and believes he is close to achieving this. However Moreau is killed by a puma and so Prendick lives on with the Beast Folk, who gradually begin to return to their animal ways. Eventually a boat drifts onto the island, allowing Prendick to escape and make his way back to London, where he lives in solitude, fearful that the humans around him are reverting to an animal state.

The book was turned into a film in 1932 starring Charles Laughton and Bela Lugosi.

A young director, Richard Stanley, having had minor hit films with Hardware in 1990 and Dust Devil in 1992, wrote a screenplay and was backed by New Line Cinema to make the film with a budget of $35 million. The documentary really gets into gear as we go through the preparation, in which all seems well. A spectactular location is founding Cairns, Australia, and Bruce Willis, James Wood and Marlo Brando were lined up to star.

The story takes a dramatic twist as we see everything begin to unravel. At the last minute Roman Polanski is brought in to direct. Richard Stanley demands a meeting with Marlo Brando and, with the help of a warlock and some magic, he wins his support. Bruce Willis pulls out and is replaced by Val Kilmer, who then demands a smaller role. Kilmer is given James Wood’s minor role. Kilmer and Brando don’t get on, the demands of filming with a large crew are too much for Richard Stanley who loses control and is removed from the set by New Line. Experienced director John Frankenheimer is brought in to finish off. Richard Stanley is living wild in the jungle around the set and makes his way back as an extra where, hidden behind a dog mask, he features in the scene where Moreau’s laboratory is burnt down.

This is an engrossing tale of ego, power, money and movies. Against all odds Richard Stanley came within a whisker of making an original horror movie before forces beyond his control brought complete catastrophe. This is an incredibly entertaining look at movie making, how a fine movie script was ruined and a huge budget (which ballooned from $8 million to $40 million) was wasted.

For anyone involved in any creative project this documentary serves as a warning. The movie suffered from a total lack of team work. Egos caused conflict. Although the original idea was fabulous, it takes a lot more than good ideas to create something of worth. The execution of any idea is the major part. Also, any large endeavour requires a team, who all need to pull together to finish.


I watched ‘Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley’s Island of Dr Moreau’ on Netflix.




Ideas for content that sells….

Make sure you have a good list of relevant keywords for your video.

Now it’s time to find content for your video.

There are countless free and paid content on the web.

Just go to Google and type in your keyword followed by free PLR articles, then click “Search”.

You’ll find lots of websites offering free PLR articles related to your niche.

I can recommend Justin Popovic, Owen Smith and JayKay Bak.

Justin Popovic runs

Owen runs PLR

JayKay runs

Visit the sites and look at the catalogues.

Here are 3 tools which can help you research for different keywords:

Google Adwords Keyword Tool – Is a free tool best for PPC Campaigns. Using Google Adwords, you can see how many people are searching for a specific keyword phrase, generate keyword suggestions and determine the level of competition of every keyword.

Keyword Spy – Is a free tool that lets you search for Domains, Destination URLs and Ad Copies. It also allows you to see more relevant statistics about PPC Competitors.

Word Tracker – Is a free keyword researching tool but can be upgraded to Premium version which costs $59. With Word Tracker you can generate very relevant keywords so you’ll get great results.

The Word Tracker statistics are based on information made by people living in the United States or collected only from search engines in the United States.

Content Counts (Great Video)

Here’s a great video by Tyrone Shum, reminding us that in the end, only one thing really matters in video marketing – and that’s riveting content that grabs your audience and has them wanting to watch to the very end.

Five ideas to get your next video started right now…..

If this is the first time creating an online marketing video, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. Not to worry, before you know it, you will be a regular pro and creating all kinds of great movies. To get you started we want to share with you 5 tips to get you started.

1 Give Video a Try Right Now

The best tip anyone can give you is to simply give video a try right now. The idea of doing video can be daunting. Don’t worry, there’s no need for you to have professional equipment, expert editing skills, fancy scripts, or special software. You don’t have to be super confident either. Just make a video of something relevant to your business. That’s a great place to start.

2 Use Google Search for Your Story Line

If you are not ready to be the person on your video and you want to get your first video out there, why not use Google search results to pull up relevant results. If you want to be really creative, you can use Google blogs, maps, news, images, etc. It’s a great way to provide the visual for your video when you are first starting out.

3 Have a Cheerleader for Your Company

You need someone that will‘rah rah’ your company, who will? Even when you have sales or marketing professionals on your team, they aren’t always the best candidate to represent your company. Think for a minute about all of your staff. Who is the one who bring a smile to everyone’s face? Who is the one that’s a natural in front of the camera? That’s who should be the cheerleader for your company.

4 Always be Transparent

If you want to succeed with your videos, you need to be authentic and transparent. Your visitors will know if you are not and they will abandon you for someone who is. Develop relationships with your visitors and build a community because that community can generate you a very nice income over time.

5 Publish on a Regular Basis

Producing video can be a challenge but it is one of the best ways to increase you customer base and sales. One of the best tips I can share with you is to publish regularly. Start publishing today, and keep publishing. Don’t worry, even if you are using your smartphone to do it, just get it done and get your video message out to the world.