I’ve stopped using OptimizePress. I’ve fallen in love with something else…

I bought the OptimizePress 1.0 plugin when James Dyson first released it in 2011. I loved it – it was a huge step forward for building landing and sales pages. OptimizePress 2.0 came out in 2013 and was a quantum leap forward. Now it was a theme – I loved it. However I’ve now disabled OP on most of my sites and I now use InstaBuilder 2.0. Why?

1 Speed

I write over 20 blogs, so creating sales pages, squeeze pages and blog posts takes a lot of my time. InstaBuilder 2.0 is less complex that OP. So I found I was getting more done. The dashboard is simpler, so are the page edit tools.

2 Templates

I prefer the templates on InstaBuilder 2.0. There’s less choice than OP, but it’s still a wider choice than I need. Hit ‘New Page’ and 116 templates pop up…. that’s more than I need.

WPHelpOnline2048x1024 011

I’ve created pages I liked from scratch, and now I have them saved as personal templates. They appear in addition to the 116 templates. I use them a lot.

3 Ease of use

ib01InstaBuilder has a huge array of features. It comes with a 102 page manual.

I’ll never use all the features, but here’s some of the features I instantly liked…

  • Full width background image or video
  • Attention bar adds news across the top of your page
  • Built in Pop Up creator
  • Built in Exit Splash creator
  • Items display can be delayed
  • Built in graphics pack
  • Drag and drop editor

In truth, I could go on all day – suffice to say, it’s got everything I need – but with a simple interface that allows me to build fast. Not only is the page editor very easy to use, but installation, dashboard, import and export of pages, template creation is all simple.

4 Work Flow

When creating a sales or squeeze page, I do this…

  1. Open a template or duplicate a previous InstaBuilder page.
  2. Customise using the drag and drop editor
  3. Publish
  4. Save to a group

That’s it.

(I love the ability to save pages in groups as it allows me to keep on top of different campaigns and offers – they’re all together in one folder.)

I’m using InstaBuilder because success is down to ACTION – getting things done. And moving from OP to InstaBuilder has helped me speed up my marketing and sales.

InstaBuilder 2.0 is plugin. I used WordPress’s excellent TwentySeventeen theme to handle my blog posts. This helps to keep life simple. While OP has tons of features – as a professional in sales, it’s vital that I get offers out. I need those great looking pages in front of prospects – and quickly. So speed of creation is vital for me. I found OP slowed me down and InstaBuilder speeds me up.

5 Professional

Because I’m making sales & squeeze pages, I need everything I put out to be shiny and top quality. I’ve been delighted with the results I’ve got with InstaBuilder. The finish product of my pages has improved – they are more effective. In seconds I can drag and drop opt in forms, menus, video, pre formatted sales boxes – all the stuff you need for a really professional sales image.

I bought the Developer License, it’s a one off $197 as I wanted to use it on my clients’ sites. If you are using just on your own sites, the Unlimited License is $97. It comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.IB button

I’m always honest and transparent. I only recommend things I’ve used and things I love. So I’m letting you know I will earn an affiliate commission for any purchases you make from this site. My goal with BetterClient.com is to help educate you to make more money for yourself and your family. I view it as for-profit business and any commission is welcome. It helps to pay for this site.