The iPad Pro 12.9in after 10 months of use. Any good?

Is it possible to use an iPad Pro for EVERYTHING? Maybe.  I’ve been using my 12.9in iPad Pro for more and more tasks and for leisure. Recently it’s become a laptop, a notepad, a sketchbook, an iPhone… and even an iPad! Here’s why…iPad Pro 12.9 Review
It’s a laptop

Let’s start with the magic. This iPad turns into a wonderfully fast and portable laptop. You will need the smart keyboard, which clips on to the iPad seamlessly. The iPad powers the keyboard via three small connections build onto the edge of the iPad. These connect with the smart keyboard – and that’s it! No charging your keyboard.

iPad Pro

The smart keyboard folds across the iPad screen to act as a cover. The unit is very solid and can be carried around just like a laptop. The keyboard adds very little size to the iPad Pro. It remains super slim.

iPad Pro

The keyboard is easy to use, with each key depressing solidly. The surface is rubberised with no gaps, so it would survive a coffee spill. It’s a full size keyboard and I found typing to be a breeze. Each key was each to press with a light feel, so configured with the smart keyboard, this iPad really does feel like a proper laptop.

iPad Pro

If you want to use this iPad as a powerful laptop, you’ll definitely need the smart keyboard.

Although it’s a tablet, you will need the power to do series work. I have used iMovie to edit video and it’s fast – very fast. The A10X Fusion chip is powerful. There’s no comprise. It’s as good as any laptop I’ve ever used.

The screen is 2732 pixels by 2048 pixels and the screen boasts a resolution of 256 pixels per inch. Although it may seem big for a tablet, set up as a laptop with the smart keyboard, it’s perfect. The screen is a great size. This means that any work I do doesn’t feel cramped. I’ve got space to cut and paste or to expand mind maps out into great detail. Spread sheets are easy to handle with this size screen.

I use a MacBook Pro but I’ve got to admit, I often use my iPad Pro instead. It’s much lighter. It’s become my ‘go to’ device for serious work as well as entertainment.

iPad pro

No Mouse!

Scrolling around is easy – just use the screen, no mouse. It does take getting used to, but with the big touch screen, it is easy to work. I found myself often using one hand on the keyboard and my left hand on the screen to click or move items around. This makes it an absolute dream to use – you have control via both the keyboard and the screen.

Turning to entertainment. Music and movies handle well, via the four speakers spaced around the top and bottom of the edges. The sound is much louder and deeper in tone than my standard iPad.

The iPad Pro charges via a lightning cable – it’s around one hour for a full charge from flat. Plus there is a 3.5mm jack plug for your wired headphones.

iPad Pro 12.9in

It’s a notepad

iPad Pro 12.9 ReviewThe 12.9in iPad Pro is approximately the size of a sheet of A4 paper. It’s ideal for writing on. I’ve used a variety of stylii. I would recommend this one, which comes with plenty of replacement tips, medium and fine. It’s a tablet, so it feels okay to take it anywhere with you. It’s easy to use at a table or on transport.

I find I am drawing onto my iPad much more now. It’s quick and easy, I simply use Apple Notes which comes installed. Notes can be stored in folders and shared across all your Apple devices.

The iPad Pro is a superb note taking tool. Notes gives you a choice of pen, highlighter and pencil to use, an eraser, ruler and a range of colours. There are many note taking apps but I like the simplicity of Apple’s Notes which works seamlessly across all my Apple devices.

Notes has good palm-rejection technology, so you can rest your hand on the screen to write. The new lasso tool allows you to pick up any part of your note and drag it to reposition. I use mind mapping a lot – so this allows me to re-order mind maps easily.

iPad Pro 12.9 Review

It’s an sketch pad

I use the Adobe Photoshop Sketch app. It’s free and I can sign in with my Adobe account and share work to my iMac. The Photoshop app gives me a wide range of brushes and allows me to add work in different layers. There is an amazing freedom when you sketch knowing you can undo or erase work. You can build up simple layers to make really amazing work. And then it’s all saved and stored. I have found myself sketching a lot more since I’ve been carrying my iPad Pro.

iPad pro 12.9in

It’s an iPhone

Well, a BIG one! But I do FaceTime a lot with it. Plus I make calls in the office using the speaker phone. When I am out and about, using my iPhone Plus, I now find the screen is irritatingly small. At A4 size the iPad Pro 12.9in really feels like the perfect screen size.

iPad Pro 12.9 Review

It’s an iPad

The Retina screen gives Ultra High Definition video viewing. Sound comes from the 4 speakers – quality is fine. To begin with it feels large but now I’m used to it and it feels ideal. Battery life is good – a solid 10 hours.

Look at the range of covers and you can see how you can use the iPad Pro as a powerful work tool, taking the place of your laptop and existing tablet.

iPad Pro 12.9 Review

Should I buy one?

This is not a cheap option. It has changed the way I work. I will not upgrade my MacBook Pro, as the iPad Pro will take its place. I much prefer it to my old iPad. I will still need an iPhone for portability and an iMac on my desk – but if you really use a smaller iPad, then now is definitely the time to move up. This is a device you can use for work and for entertainment with a screen big enough to handle anything.

iPad Pro 12.9 Review

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