3 Secrets Of Using YouTube 

Like Facebook members, Youtube users also share important information about themselves. This will be very useful for laser-targeting prospects.

Also, Youtube allows you to post advertisements in the form of video files.

This is a good way attract people that are likely to be interested in whatever service or product that you offer.

1 Use appropriate tags so interested members will easily find your videos 

Another interesting method is to set up a Youtube account and post videos that will be related to your website’s subject topic. However, you have to make sure that your targeted prospects will easily find your videos.

How do you do this? You do this by using appropriate tags. What are tags?

When you upload a video, Youtube will ask you to add tags (single word keywords) to your video. This will help users find your video easier.

So if your video is about “Christmas Decoration” for example, possible single-word tags may include the following: Christmas, xmas, x-mas, decoration, decorations, bauble, baubles, lights, gifts, nativity, etc. With this, people who are looking forwhatever service that you offer, your target prospects, will easily find your videos.

2 Use Youtube’s viewer demography tools

Youtube lets you see who are watching your video and where they are from. Of course, you will not be able to tell specific people.

However, Youtube will let you know the general demography of your viewers and which demography you are getting more viewers from.
Demography includes age group, country of origin, gender, etc.).

How is this helpful? For one, you will be able to tell which group of people is more interested in your services.

This way, you will be able to update your list of laser-targeted prospects.

Let us say for example that you originally planned to sell your products to Japan only thinking that it would sell better there.

But Youtube’s graphs show that you are actually getting a lot of interest from viewers from China. If you, you might to think about arranging deliveries to China as well.

3 Make sure title and description are of relevance Make sure title and description are of relevance

When Google searches the web for relevant contents, your Youtube video will rank high if the Title and Description contains keywords related to the search query.

Say for example that a user uses the search query “Christmas Decoration”, your video will rank high if its title included the exact same keyword (e.g. “Tips for buying Christmas Decorations”) and if the description also included the same keyword (e.g. “This is a video that will help you find the best Christmas Decorations”).

2 Powerful Ways to Make the Most of Your Video Marketing

Video marketing is a powerful tool. In fact, it is one of the most powerful marketing tools around. If you are a beginner to online video marketing, you are going to want to read this to discover how to get the most out of your video marketing.

Make Sure Your Audio Equipment is up for the Challenge

Making a great marketing video doesn’t need to cost a lot, but the one thing you do want to do is buy decent audio equipment. If your camera has the audio built in then you need to make sure that you are no more than three feet from the microphone so that everything you say can be heard.

Always test and adjust until you find the optimum setting. Your viewers will forgive a lot of things but they will not forgive audio that they cannot understand.

Optimize Your Video for the Best SEO Results

Make sure that your marketing video will be found by the search engines. It is not as easy for the search engines to crawl video as it is text so you will need to make sure you use a couple of keywords in your title and then use matching keywords in the title tag. You should also submit a video sitemap, which will create an index of videos that are on your site, making Google’s job a little easier.
YouTube search algorithms are not the same as Google search algorithms.

Here are five tips to help you get the most out of your SEO.

1. Create an engaging video title with SEO in mind

2. Make sure you use your keywords in the title, video description, and keyword tags

3. Include at least one link in the description of the video that goes back to your website. You will generate referral traffic

4. Share the video on YouTube and then post it on your site.

5. When you are posting on your site, always include a transcript of all of your videos. This can be labor intensive but it is worth the time because over the long term your SEO will benefit from it.

Do not be fooled with the numbers. There may have only been two ways covered on how to make the most out of your video marketing but they are definitely two powerful ways that every beginner should know about and use.

3 Must Know Tips for Creating Marketing Videos With Others

If you are new to creating online marketing videos, you are going to quickly reap the benefits especially if you include others in the videos.

Here are 3 must know tips for creating marketing videos with others.

1 Make Sure You Include Others

The best way to make the most out of your marketing videos is to include other people. These people will become marketers of your product(s) or service(s). Video is powerful because unlike other mediums video lets you connect at the core. Video is much more interesting and effective. You can engage the powers of being using shout out videos that send out a little love, interviews, and the sharing of ideas.

For example, you might do interviews of some of your customers, asking them about the product, what they like about it, what they don’t like, how they use it, etc. If you are selling a product that’s designed for your customers to resell and make money then you could have them do a testimonial about the money they are making off the program.

2 Collaboratively Create Compelling Content

Online marketing videos are an excellent way to create collaborative compelling content. Share your thoughts in a conversation format, or share your experiences with someone else. This will make it a lot more fun and more interesting for your viewers. In addition, everyone that is participating will share the content with others expanding your video’s reach. This is one of the most popular video formats so why not give it a try and see how successful this type of video content is for you.

3 Interview Experts at Trade Shows

Getting other industry experts in addition to yourself is a great way to increase your viewers. It allows you to create content based on your expertise and the expertise of another person. Trade shows happen in almost every area so you should be able to find one in your neighborhood if you are just patient. If you haven’t got a trade show then think outside the box and look for an expert in a local store.

Many times the expert you connect with will share the video link, which in turn will drive more traffic to Facebook, Twitter, Google +, YouTube, etc., and to your website also.

Make the most out of your marketing videos by posting them in as many places as possible. The more sites you place the video links on the more views and the more likely that you will grow your viewer base.

3 Ways to Get People to Like Your Marketing Videos

If you’ve decide the time has come to create online marketing videos, you are making a wise business decision.

For your videos to be successful there is lots for you to learn, but for now we are going to show you 3 simple, but powerful ways, to get people to like your marketing videos.

Let’s get started.

1 Jump Into Action Right Away
If you want to grab your viewers attention you won’t want to be dragging things and don’t waste time as this will weaken the focus and you will lose your visitors. Instead, jump into action right away. Immediately communicate a message through action. Captivate your viewer’s attention by planning your opening scene like you were creating a movie.

2 Plan What Your Greeting and Closing Scripts Will Look Like
The most successful marketing videos will feel like an unprompted conversation. However, the difference between a good video and a superior video is just two things – the opening and the closing. Start with a greeting, introduce yourself and give the name of your business. How you end your video is very important. This is another chance to tell your viewers your business name and you need a call to action that will get the reaction you want from your viewers. For example, ‘click here to sign up for our newsletter,’ or ‘visit our website for more information.’

3 Make it a Surprise and Fun
Do something that is unexpected. Surprise your viewers and make sure you keep it fun. An example, that has been used quite often, because it is so good, is done by Rockstar Video Game. Their video starts with a baby sitting on a sofa watching his dad play Rockstar. The baby then reaches for the guitar and plays an incredible guitar riff leaving his parents amazed and shocked.

This video is an excellent example of taking your marketing video to an entirely new level. When you are putting together your online marketing video don’t be afraid to think outside the box and see what you can do to keep your visitors talking and sharing your video, because it’s good, it gives them a surprise and they think it’s fun enough to share.

There you have it – three great ways to get people to like your online marketing video and share it with others. Make the most of this powerful tool!

5 Must Know Tips on How to Create Videos People Will Like

If you are just entering the world of online marketing videos, you’ve put yourself in a great position, because videos are proving to be one of the best marketing tools around. However, when you are new to online marketing you will have plenty of questions, and one of the most common asked is how to create videos people will like. Let’s look at 5 tips that you need to know.

1 Make Sure Your Videos Are Personal
If you want to better engage your viewers especially on your Facebook fan page make short, personal, impromptu videos. When we say short we mean under 90 seconds. Don’t worry about it being perfect. These are not training videos, how to videos, etc. These are just short personal videos designed to get you to talk directly with your fans to build trust.

2 Always be First
Always be first. Be the first to bring news, be the first to address a topic, be the first to bring new technology to your viewers… you get the idea. When you are the first you get more views – it’s really that simple. Promote your video every way you can – on your website, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, etc. You can really rack up the likes this way and that can help your video place better, which means more people see it and more likes happen – this is the vicious circle you want to be on!

3 Be Inspired
Online videos are everywhere these days. In fact, it’s becoming hard to find something that’s interesting and new. It can be tough to find a catchy topic, to find a new perspective. Here are some ideas on brainstorming for new video ideas.
* Take advantage of the YouTube comment search, which offers a real time search.
* Take advantage of the YouTube suggest to get a glimpse into the behavior of video viewers
* Use advanced search operators that YouTube offers such as wildcard and synonym

4 Get in on the Action
Be quick to grab your viewers attention by getting into action. Make sure you jump right in and don’t waste a lot of time with introductions. Quickly say who you are, your company name, and the purpose of the video; then get to it. Captivate your viewers right from the beginning.

#5 Plan Your Opening and Closing
Your opening or greeting and your closing or call to action need special attention to make sure that they are effective and create what you need. Your greeting needs to be short and to the point telling the viewer who you are and your company name. Your closing or call to action needs to be effective in order to get your viewers to do what you want, otherwise they could be lost forever.


5 Ways to win with video

Are You Ready to Make a Successful Marketing Video?

Here are 5 Winning Tips You Need…

Online marketing videos are the rave right now. In fact, if you are an online marketer and you are not yet using video you need to get on board and take advantage of what it has to offer.

If you want to make a successful marketing video, you’ll want to check out these 5 winning tips that are sure to set you on the right path.

1 Define Who Your Audience Is

Before you start to create your script, before you decide what your video is going to look like, and certainly, before you start shooting your video, you need to determine who your audience is – who do you want to reach with your video. Are you trying to reach a certain age, a certain income bracket, a certain sex, etc. Knowing who your market is will help you to create a much better video because it will be targeted to the correct audience.

2 Set One Goal
A common mistake is to define the audience and then create numerous goals that you want your video to achieve. The problem is that your video is too short to have more than one goal. So choose your single most important goal and focus on that. In Step #1, which is the top of your funnel, which brought in the targeted market, now in the middle of the funnel you need to engage them, and at the bottom of the funnel, you need to close. Create your video with this in mind. Now what is your goal?

3 Turn Another Successful Format Into a Video
If you have content that has been successful – perhaps blog posts, an article, a presentation – take it and turn it into a working script for a video. Practice by reading it aloud. Make little adjustments so that it sounds right when spoken. Share it with others to get their feedback and then when you are satisfied create your video.

4 It’s Time to Record
You can record yourself using the script you’ve created – all you need is a webcam. Heck, you can use your iPhone if that’s what you have for a video camera. Don’t over think this. Playing the “if I only had” game is what stops us from producing, from moving forward, from being successful.

5 Share Your Video
Once you have created your video you will want to share it on your website, blog, and place links on your social network connections. Get it out wherever you can and use your analytics to get the feedback and discover what was liked and what wasn’t. Then you can adjust when you go to make your next one.

That’s all there is to it. See there’s no reason to be afraid. In no time at all with little equipment you too can make a successful marketing video.

Basic Keyword Strategies for Your Online Marketing Video

When it comes to keyword strategies, there is all kinds of information available online. But let’s look at some of the basic keyword strategies you’ll want to use with your online marketing videos to get the most out of them.

1 –  Use the text pages on your website as a map for Google. This will assist the search engines in figuring out what each of your videos is about. You should embed your videos into your text pages on your website that are relevant to the videos you have posted.

2 – To optimize your YouTube videos, you need to make certain to keywords in your video tags, descriptions and titles.

3 – You should target specific keyword phrases not just words. For example, rather than using ‘cakes’ as your keyword for your organic bakery, use ‘cake with organic icing’ for a higher chance of you showing up on the top of the search engine results.

4 – Think carefully about what keywords would be best for your marketing video. Take advantage of the numerous keyword tools that are available. Many of them are free. Choosing good keywords is very important to your search engine placement.

5 – Consider using keywords that are not as popular or that are misspelled. This can help increase your placement in the search engines and move you up the search engines. Of course, these should not be some obscure word that’s only looked up once in awhile, as this will not be of any benefit. However, words like centre and center both are commonly looked up

Many online marketing video beginners overlook the importance of keywords not fully understanding that their title, short description, and tags are what are going to place them in the search engines and what are going to helps potential viewers find their video.

They become so focused on creating a good video they forget about the importance of keywords. Then they become frustrated and disappointed when they do not get the results they were hoping for.

Don’t let this be you. We’ve given you some basics on keywords.

Many of you will have used keywords in your SEO work in articles and website content so you will be familiar with their role and their purpose. If you are completely new to keywords, this gives you a good start and there is plenty of information available online so you can learn more about keywords.

Make your online marketing videos the success they should be by incorporating powerful keyword techniques.